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Crime has been proven to be reduced by as much as 90% where a highly visible CCTV system is installed.

Halon Bank can undertake all your keyholding responsibilities and supply comprehensive reports of actions taken

A properly installed and managed CCTV system can dramatically reduce crime levels. Drops as high as 90% have been recorded where a highly visible CCTV system has been installed in certain locations, i.e. in shopping centres and car parks.

  • Camera Controls
    CCTV controls can now be configured to memorise a site to increase protection in priority areas. Controls can be tailored to provide unrivalled surveillance of manned or unmanned sites.
  • Cameras
    Halon Bank offer a complete range of CCTV cameras, including the latest activity triggered dome cameras that provide quality colour pictures under the most demanding conditions with complete 360 degree coverage.
  • Recording & Storage
    Halon Bank are leading the field with advanced digital CCTV technology. These systems can record constantly without the need for tapes, allow you to instantly retrieve images, and provide pin sharp images that never deteriorate.
  • Remote Monitoring
    CCTV effectiveness can be taken to a new level with the Halon Bank Remote Video Response service. Your CCTV system can be linked to a remote centre around the clock and an operator can instantly review images, assess what is happening and determine what action to take.
  • Display Monitors
    Halon Bank CCTV monitors vary in size and performance, with a choice of colour or monochrome to suit almost any application. Each monitor exceeds the latest quality standards and they are available with a split-screen feature to view a number of areas at once.
  • Data Protection Act
    The 1998 Data Protection Act (DPA) now has implications for CCTV systems and operators, particularly if you use video-cassette recording. Halon Bank can provide everything you need to comply and help to ensure that your system is being operated in accordance with this and other pieces of legislation, such as the 1998 Human Rights Act.
  • Total Solutions
    Halon Bank have prepared a selection of packaged CCTV solutions for the Small to Medium sized business. These incorporate the very latest cameras, controls and monitor fully installed, including annual servicing for 5 years, leased from as little as 12.49 per week. (Standard Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Servicing & Maintenance
    Halon Bank employ a dedicated, highly qualified team of installation and service engineers who provide nation-wide coverage for scheduled and emergency servicing and maintenance.
  • CCTV Advice
    Regular maintenance is essential for all CCTV systems.
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